Beautiful Food Photography
with a Flashgun

Create your studio anytime, anywhere.
Capture food like a pro!

Stop shooting in the dark!

Are you always chasing the last rays of sunshine?
Are you tired of shooting on those dark winter days?
Do you need to create consistently great food photography despite the weather and time of day/night?

Imagine this...

Berry cheesecake shot with a flashgun

Shoot anytime, anywhere

Day or night, you have a 
portable sun in your bag! 
Easily set up your studio anywhere with portable and affordable artificial light gear.

Bartender making gin and tonic shot with a flashgun

Go pro and make money

Manipulate light to create any mood to fit yours and your client’s vision.
Shoot action and difficult images with confidence and rise above your competition.

Pink smoothie bowl shot with a flashgun

Create your best work

Develop your unique style and produce consistently great images.
Edit in a few clicks and
speed up your workflow.

Let's see how!

Beautiful food photography with a flashgun

The ultimate guide to shooting food
like a pro!

Everything you need to know to start capturing amazing food pictures.
Create the WOW factor in every situation!

What will you learn?

Equipment chapter

Gear and exposure settings

You only need a few things to start shooting!
We’ll cover exactly what they are and how much they cost.

You’ll learn exactly how to set up your flash and what camera settings you need to use.
We’ll tackle the details together in a super simple way so you can shoot with confidence!


3 setups step-by-step

We’ll cover 3 setups that you can create immediately. 
Each setup can be put together in a small space in 10 minutes!
They all produce different light and you’ll know exactly which to use when.

Manipulate light

Master the art of transforming light to create the exact mood that you need.
Bright and airy? Dark and moody? Sunny day at the pool? Natural light look?
You’ll learn how to recreate any light you want at any time.


Edit effortlessly with just a few clicks and keep a consistent look across your work.
This will help you develop your style so you have more time to be creative!


What's in the ebook?

78 pages with all the detailed info that you need to immediately start with flash!
PLUS lots of expert tips to really help you master your photography game.
PLUS visual examples, case studies and light diagrams.


Advantages and disadvantages




Exposure & Settings


3 Setups step-by-step


Manipulate light




who is your teacher?

I am your teacher - portrait of me eating a cupcake

Ciao! I’m Jules and I’m here to help you take your food photography to the next level!

I am a professional food and travel photographer #dreamjob!

Over my 10-year career, I’ve shot everything from weddings to events to shoes and fashion but I only found my true vocation when I decided to specialise in food photography.
I worked with amazing clients such as National Geographic Food, Tesco, Lidl and my work has been featured in Vogue, GQ and The Sunday Times, to name a few.

I am passionate about helping photographers unlock their full potential and I have mentored many over the years, I’m excited to have you on board!

Artificial light is my speciality, I love how I can have full creative control over everything in my images. The flexibility it gives you it’s just unbeatable!
As I always say, once you go flash you never go back 😉

May the light be with you

Jules' signature


Hear it from my students!

"This is a great ebook, so thorough and detailed!
I had been considering buying a studio flash for a good while but space constraints put me off.
This is the perfect solution for me... I can't wait to get started!
Thanks Giulia :)"
food photography mentoring and coaching
Valeria @thesweetbit
Blogger and baking rockstar!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s for YOU!
Food bloggers, food photographers, commercial photographers….
Anyone who wants to start using artificial light to improve their photography!

A bit of both!!
This book is mainly tailored for people who are starting out with flash and artificial light. 
It starts with the basics of flashgun photography and moves onto more advanced lighting techniques, guiding you every step of the way. 
If you’re a more experienced photographer, you still might find this useful.
It focuses on using a flashgun so if that’s a new topic for you you’ll find plenty of info!

The book “Beautiful Food Photography with a Flashgun” is only £25 GBP.

This ebook is a downloadable PDF. 
It includes links to the gear that I use and recommend so you don’t have to guess what to buy!
It also contains links to blog articles and external resources that will help you dig deeper into certain topics.  

Nope! Not necessarily 🙂
If you already have the gear, great.
If not, great! 
If you’re unsure of what gear to buy, don’t worry. 
I walk you through exactly what equipment you need so you can shop with confidence and save money.

I am SO confident that you’ll learn something new from reading this book! 
If you learn absolutely nothing, get in touch within 14 days of purchase and I’ll offer a full refund. 



Mastering the art of flash will give you the tools to unleash your full creative potential.
Create your best work and set yourself apart from other food photographers!



Cheesecake with assorted berries and berry sauce